Friday, August 28, 2009

Oh how they change. . .

So I've put up a lot of pictures from all the different places I have lived in the past year, so I decided to take a few pictures this morning of the house I have been living in for the past little while... I've been living with my cousins in lehi :) there house is beautiful! I am going to be so sad when I leave!!

dresser thing next to my bed
Cailie and my bed
My shelf
My closet
The front room/ Piano room
The entry way
The family room/ T.V. room

Thank you so much Cliss, Neal, Cailie, Aubree, Nollie, Storey, and Quincy for letting me live with you guys! You are all so funny I am going to miss eating dinner will you all!! :) I love you

Thursday, August 27, 2009

If You Need To Crash, Then Crash And Burn Your Not Alone

Wow, what a crazy past few months I have have. . .
In the past two months I finished my summer classes at Snow College, Went on a crazy two day road trip with my cousins and sister to New Mexico to visit my family,was in the car when it hit a dear, got stranded in Cortez's Colorado, read the book "the notebook", hung out with my family, saw a hot air balloon, took a ride on a camel, flew on an airplane by myself, packed up every thing I own, moved from Ephraim into my cousin house in Lehi, lived out of a duffel bag for a month, got a closet, unpacked all my stuff, took a tour of different hair schools, got a spray on tan, decided to go to hair school at Evans, Dropped out of college, became a bum with no life, looked for jobs, got a job interview, didn't take the job, rode my bike around with cailie, took crazy pictures, went to Idaho Lava hot springs, floated down a river, got allergies, a cold, a sinus infection, and asthma all at once, took some strong drugs, punched cailie in the back in my sleep, had crazy dreams, went on a road trip with Deidre to Ephraim, got my laptop fixed, cried, broke my phone, fixed my phone, ate a cookie monster cookie, went to the nickelback concert and also saw saving able, papa roach, hinder, got beer spilled on the back of my legs, lived with lauren for two days, painted my nails yellow, went to a rest home and made some new friends with some old ladies, decided I wanted to take a break from school and be a nanny for a year, cried, talked to my mom and decided that I didn't want this, called Snow college and got back in. . . Welcome to my life.
This weekend and next week: Pack up everything I own again into my trusty astro van henri, move into park place apartments, register for classes, find a job, start over again.