Sunday, May 17, 2009

Starting All Over . . . Again.

So as many of you know, and don't know. I will be attending Snow College this summer. I move in two weeks down to the apartments called Oak Tree, in Ephraim. I'm not really sure how I feel about this move, as most everyone knew I have been planning on returning to Southern Utah University. Which I was EXTREMELY excited for, but things happened and my parents changed their mind, so I will now be going to snow. I have to say I am not really excited for starting my life over all over again, this is my third semester of school, at my third school. And I will tell you as much as I hate having to start all over I am very glad that I have gotten the chance to go to different schools (this will be my 9th school I have gone to in my life), because I have met many wonderful people and I have a lot of friends from all over the world. And as cool as that is it is also really hard, cause I leave and don't normally see them again. So anyways, here I am about to start all over again for my third time... and I will be totally honest and tell you that the sooner it gets time for me to be moving the more excited I get. When I went down to get into the school and find a place to live and all that stuff, I met two girls that are both my age and they are total dolls!! and they showed me around and told me about everything that happens and about all the cute men. ha ha After hanging out with them all day I figured that this change was not going to be so bad. and that it all is going to depend on the attitude I have going into it. I sadly learned that the hard way, when my parents moved me home during the middle of my school year at SUU and sent me to the LDSBC, I was not very happy and all I could see was the bad in everything, It wasn't until I figured that I was stuck where I was and there was nothing I could do about it so I might as well just have fun while I'm here. and so that is what I am planning on doing when I move to snow, I don't really have a choice to go where I want to go, so I'm going to make the best out of being at snow.