Sunday, August 17, 2008


As Many of you already know i will be attending Southern Utah University this fall!!!
ahhh let me just tell you how excited i am!!! But holy cow i am scared!!! I have never lived away from my family for more than like maybe two weeks at a time! and now i'm moving 4 hours away from not only my family but all of my friends!!! which is probably the hardest thing i've ever done before!!! But as many of you have said to me i'll make plenty of new friends and i'll love it down there!! ha ha! and lucky for me my amzing aunt Merri and uncle Reed and their wonderful family that live only like 45 minutes away from me!!! and the best grandpa in the world lives like 5 minutes away form me!!! which makes me totally happy becasue i have not been able to see them enough! but now i can see them all the time!!! yay! so sorry so short and i didn't give very many details but i still have alot to pack before i leave tomorrow!!! ah i'm going to miss you all SO much!!! keep in touch!!! i love you!!! Love Kenna!! xoxox